Nylon (LDPE) :

This polyethylene has branched chain. so, LDPE chains are able to make bonding together. They have low intermolecular force and tension.
Because of its low density and molecular tension it has low density, which itself increases the flexibility.
Films made of LDPE have good optical properties. They don’t have any smell and neutral form chemical point of view.

Some other product:
-Packaging the bread, food stuff and textile products
-Greenhouse uv / uv
- free nylons
-Printed advertising sacks
-Safety nylon films
-Industrial packaging sacks
-Covers for cellulose and health products
-Shrink pack , pallet cover , pallet shrinking nylons
-Bubble nylon in 3 sizes : 50-230 cm
-Cover nylons (printed , plain)
-Antistatic , antibacterial nylons
-FR nylon (temperature conservation) , anti-fog, anti-mouse

Kind Of Sealing:
Double line seal, Single seal, bottom gusset, side seal

Food Products Packing, Textile & Carpet, Hygienic & Cosmetics Packing, Jumbo bag Liner, Pallet Bags,


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