White Master Batch :

There are many grade of white master batch with different percentage of titan for 20 % to 78 % which depends on usage and customer demand for injection and air consumption to produce highest available quality.

White master batch widely use in industrials which provides whiteness, brightness and opacity to the product. diffrent range of chemicals such as titanium dioxide, antimony oxide, zinc oxide and zinc sulphide are used to provide these properties in plastics. Some of the important reasons for use of titanium dioxide is for its special properties such as average particle size (.19 to 0.22 micron), high refractive index etc.

White master batch has special properties such as undertone, color and pacifying / coloring strength. It has a unique surface treatment that offers good dispersion in plastics and has no influence on rheological properties of a polymer.

ATDM supply Masterbatches in different ranges, which depends on the percentage of titanium dioxide and tone required. It also depends on the end use application and processing techniques. We can produce white Masterbatches containing Titanium Dioxide upto 75% content in them.

From simple injection moulding application to multi - layer film, ATDM Company has a very extensive range of White Masterbatches.

ATDM white color concentrates containing up to 75% TiO2 (in LLDPE), have been specifically designed to provide improved resistance to phenolic yellowing / pinking while optimizing whiteness and thermal steadiness. Our white masterbatch are existing in a number of carrier resins and can be used in industries such as film, sheet, injection, and blow molding applications.


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