Calcium Carbonate Filler Masterbatch

Calcium carbonate filler Masterbatch is made with brilliant calcium carbonate and other high quality special additives based in LLDPE carrier by advanced twin-screw extruder machine. our filler MB is very popular for many of our customers cause its stable, has a high quality and excellent performance in development of plastic products industry.


Foam, Sheet, injection mouldings, profile extrusion and others.

Technical properties :

1. Granule size for Calcium Carbonate: ≤5μm
2. Whiteness : ≥98%
3. Application ratio: Mix Filler MB with the stuff resin from the ratio of 10% to more than 30% (different ratio decided by the product and user).

Product Characteristics :

1. Resolving the anti-heating, rigidity and tightness property.
2. Eliminate the surface light from plastic products, to get sub-light effect.
3. Improve the surface antifriction and antislip property of plastic products.
4. Decrease shrinkage ratio of final products to improve size stability.
5. Reduce fire heating quantity of plastic products to diminish second pollution.
6. Improve surface printing property of plastic to reduce required electric current under surface corona process.
7. Deliver breathe free to film products.
8. Recover heat-conduction property of plastic material to reduce molding period.
9. Reduce the application ratio of white color masterbatch.


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