Color Master Batch :

ATDM is able to create more than 2900 color range for all plastic products (injection, films, bags, etc). These color master batches are between 1% and 6% which depends on wall thickness of product. Color Masterbatches is available in different varieties of about 2000 different range to meet different industrial necessities of our esteemed client.

We have every little detail of the compositions of Masterbatches and processing conditions in our records. This allow us to replicate / reproduce the same Masterbatches at any time in future without any deviation in color shades or other properties.

Color Masterbatches produce with virgin raw materials this product made with latest technology of machinery which can make master batches with high quality. We can use international quality pigments with improve functions such as high thermal, color stability in every lot and outstanding light solidity. Here is some industry who use masterbatches widely in their factory same as multilayer film, Woven Sacks, injection and blow moulding, , HDPE pipe, wires and cables etc.


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