Green House Films :

Strong PE film for fruits, vegetables and crop. Regular / thermal film tailored to special applications and climatic situations. Also famous as greenhouse cover, greenhouse film and polyethylene sheeting for covering crops .
Green house film Optimize light transfer, This kind of films keep plants in safe condition against disease also in condition of bad weather this kind of film protect plants against cool and hot weather .

Advantages of Agricultural Films :

1- UV Stabilizer :

with the using of this kind of film it can be protected up to five years according to the added amount of UV stabilizer.

2- UV Absorber :

This additive affects in longer duration of the film, as mentioned above this additive keep plants from harmful disease.

3- Antifog Additive :

This additive keep green house from fogging and by this way light transmit into greenhouse dramatically.

4- IR Filter :

This additive diminishes the IR transmission through the film and decreases the circadian temperature swings. In this way, the temperature of the green house is easier to control .

5- EVA :

EVA copolymer gives elastic behavior to films which can increase tear energy as well as elongation at break .


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