UV Stabilizer :

UV stabilizer to can be used to save the product against sun light and fracture .
Our UV Masterbatches are based on hindered amine light stabilizer, which is accurately dispersed in a poly-olefin carrier. These Masterbatches are superior in quality and increase the working life of molded and extruded product, when exposed to sunlight. It also offers weather ability characteristics to create items for outdoor usage such as irrigation pipes, automobile components, crates, films, rotomoulded tanks, garden chairs etc.
One of destructive polymeric materials is Ultra Violet radiation so the choice of an appropriate and efficient UV package is important to ensure good performance and longevity of the polymer.
ATDM Polymers have many years’ experience in this complex area, producing highly concentrated and end application specific formulations. All kinds of polymer are considered from olefins through styrenics to ETPs.
Careful selection of hindered amines and conjugated ring systems ensures the best possible performance and co-inclusions of antioxidants further enhance the stabilisation package.
Some examples : Fibres, Geotextiles, Films, Extrusions and Injection Mouldings.


• As a component in rubber formulations and manufacturing of products such as automobile tires, rubber shock absorbers, Footwear.
• Industrial hoses
• Wire and cable coverings
• Flooring materials

Features and benefits:

• High BMCI
• Good flash point
• Low aniline point
• Constant Viscosity specification


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