Anti static :

This Masterbatch is based on stearate and amine bases chemicals. The main use of Masterbatch can be used in films and moldings made of PE and PP. It gives lubricating effect during moulding or extrusion contributing to a smooth, shiny surface on the product produced. It is also used as an antistatic agent to reduce the electrical resistance on the surface of films and molded products. It also gives uniform cell size distribution in extended polyethylene (EPE) foams.

Polymer type, processing conditions and end application and etc. … are some factors that help us to choose a correct antistatic which is crucial. By careful selection of the correct blend of antistatic ingredients, Polymers has developed a dynamic range of products to cover the whole spectrum of requirements.

For decreasing fast acting of dust attraction in packaging especially in food packing and display applications master batch assist more than expected which can be formulated to give longer-term effects in demanding applications such as flooring.

Combinations with antiblock and slip products for use in the film industry result in most effective cost and high performance which can be available for polyethylene and polypropylene film extruders.

Anti-static additives can be used in many applications for examples Sheet, Film, Fibers, Injection Moulding and others.


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