Slip agent

Amide additives are base of Slip Masterbatches , which migrates to the surface of the extruded/molded plastic product and offers a mono molecular layer. This layer decreases the coefficient of friction (C.O.F.) between the layers of the film and other surfaces which are in contact with the film. It ensures superior handling properties in automotive packaging application and also doesn't affect the sealing and printing properties. These are mostly used in mono / multilayer films etc.
Coefficient of friction reduction of films also offers anti-block & mold release improvement.

One reason that Slip additives are using is that it can diminish the surface coefficient of friction of polymers and are used to enhance either processing or end applications.

There are two type of slip additives High and low level which are available, immediate and slow acting performance can be engineered into the masterbatch.

With the Combination of antistatic and antiblock we can use it in film industry which offer cost effective , multi-use masterbatches. Application Examples Film, sheet, injection moulding and others.

Slip & Antiblock Products

• Full range of products for the extrusion industry
• Grades formulated for high transparency applications
• Cost effective, highly concentrated systems available.


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