History :

PVC was accidentally detect at least twice in the 19th century, first in 1835 by French chemist Henri Victor Regnault and then in 1872 by German chemist Eugen Baumann.

On both cases the polymer seemed as a white solid inside flasks of vinyl chloride that had been left exposed to sunlight.

In the early 20th century the Russian chemist Ivan Ostromislensky and Fritz Klatte of the German chemical company Griesheim-Elektron both attempted to use PVC in commercial products, but difficulties in processing the rigid, occasionally fragile polymer blocked their efforts.

Waldo Semon and the B.F. Goodrich Company established a technique in 1926 to plasticize PVC by blending it with several additives.

The result was a more flexible and more easily processed material that soon achieved widespread commercial use.